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Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Life is hard. It has always been hard. At no point in human history, or the history of life, has it been easy to survive. It is not novel to point out the struggle between economic classes, nations, ethnicities, ideas, or religions. Countless books are written on each...

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Too Many Choices

Welcome to America, champion of the free market, center of capitalism, the land of opportunity. Our current state is an endlessly complex mixing of factors cultural, political, religious, economic, and philosophy. It is impossible to determine exactly what makes...

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Slow and Steady

As a child, I read the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. I thought it was a silly story. You see, races, for small children, are never long affairs. A race cannot be farther than the end of the yard, or the limit of mom's sight. In this context, I couldn't imagine a...

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Tailored Education In A Manufactured World

I have an uneasy relationship with standardized test. We need some way to objectively measure learning outcomes and make sure all student are on the same page. Yet, humans are strange. We do not fit neatly into categorical learning styles. Some people can articulate...

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Coming to an End

Life is strange. We experience it in a linear timeline. There is past, present, and future. At any point we move, the same speed, through time moving through those three stages. When you begin your freshmen year, four years of college seems a long time to wait before...

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Top 10 Lists are the Worst

Information in 2018 is ridiculously accessible. At any other point in human history, the volume of information available through a google search would be impossible to find. There is more information available than one person could learn in one hundred lifetimes. Our...

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Bruce Baker

Hey! My name is Bruce, I’m a senior here at Olivet. I spend more time running around campus than walking through it. Sometimes my cross country routes take me through campus, and other times I’m just running late for a meeting. I find a busy life is better than a boring one.

Oddly enough, I don’t attend Olivet College just to run cross country. I am a business administration major with a dual concentration in marketing and management. So if you notice blogs about leadership, revenue, or promotions, you know why.

I grew up only a few miles from Olivet College, in Charlotte Michigan. There I was homeschooled until eighth grade, at that point I decided to run cross country and track. Turns out you can only participate in a school sports if you attend the school. So, I started at Charlotte High School my freshmen year.  It took me a year to grow into my personality. By sophomore year I knew most of the school, found a home on the cross country team, and managed to become the busiest I’d ever been.  So, if you see blogs about small towns, quirky friends, or being homeschooled, you know why.

After my senior year of high school, I spent the most life changing summer of my life at a church camp: Camp Barakel. Being a camp counselor is my favorite job to date. I’m positive that my friends are sick of all my “camp stories,” but camp is a part of me now and it follows me everywhere I go. So, if you notice blogs about volleyball, bonfires, hammocking, Bible verses and the outdoors, you know why.

I love to be involved on campus, I love to read, I love to race, I love to hyper analyze movies, and I love spontaneity. In a nutshell, I’m too energetic for my own good, and, at the very least, I hope you find it entertaining.

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