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Journalism and mass communication seminar

Journalism and Mass Communication Seminar At Olivet College, we have seminar every Wednesday morning, and that is your only class of the day. Seminar is when you meet with your fellow majors. For example, I’m a journalism and mass communication major, so everyone else...

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Dorm Life at OC

Living in a dorm is something so many people want to experience and it’s something that helps you grow as person. When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to live in a dorm really bad. I wanted to decorate my dorm room like how I saw on Pinterest and I wanted to...

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Common Ground

Olivet College offers many different opportunities for the students here, whether it’s sports, organizations, clubs, Greek life, jobs — really anything you need. Olivet has something to help you succeed. When I came to Olivet, I heard this college is a family and if...

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OC Cheer and STUNT

Hello! I just wanted to talk to you guys about the up and coming team of Olivet cheer and stunt. I broke down each thing to explain what we do and what it really is. Enjoy!

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From Student to Professor

Hey OC! Welcome back I hope you all had a great week! Today I sat down with professor and once student at Olivet, Professor Pav, and talked about what its like to now be a professor!

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Five Tips to Conquer Finals

Hey OC! Can you believe it's finals weeks? This semester completely flew by. With final exams, papers and speeches about to be given. I wanted to share five tips to help make this finals week stress free! 1. Take Advantage of Tutors, Extended Library Hours and Fun...

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Sidney McIntosh

Hey what’s up, OC! My name is Sidney McIntosh, I’m a freshman at Olivet this year and I come from a town called Mount Pleasant about two hours away from Olivet. I’m a cheerleader here at Olivet and have been cheering for the last 6 years, so when I got the opportunity to continue in college I jumped right to the opportunity.

But cheerleading isn’t the only reason I came to Olivet. I came to major in Journalism and Mass communications so I could have a strong education after leaving college. Since I can remember I have always had a camera and journal in my hand. I love expressing myself in different ways and really love letting people see things through my eyes. I also spend a lot of time studying the media, looking at celebrities, and learning about all the different lifestyles and sources everyone else has.

I am always watching YouTube and reading blogs, so I’m so excited for this opportunity to be able to share my experience at this amazing school that I now get to call my home. A lot of my blogs and vlogs will have to do with cheerleading and all the amazing events Olivet has for its students and community. I feel like I can really show people the amazing in and outs of Olivet College and I’m so excited to be able to do that. So, stay tuned to see Olivet through a college freshman cheerleader’s eyes.

See you in a blog or vlog!

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