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Career fair at OC

The career fair at OC was a day of opportunity for many Olivet students. There were many job opportunities for insurance majors and criminal justice majors. The career fairs serve as an opportunity for students to network and make future connections. Many students go...

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Greek life expansion

OC Greek life has expanded, once the weekend passed. The new lines from every sorority and fraternity have been shaped and shipped out to the OC campus. We have waited for the next line of new bloods to cross and earn those Greek letters. Not only awaiting to see how...

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Thrift store in Charlotte

Students of Olivet's poverty class went to visit a thrift store that gives back to the community. At the thrift store in Charlotte, I enjoyed the positive atmosphere. It was clean and well organized. I noticed that not just the lower class of citizens shop there, but...

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Greek running/pledge Night starts

Greek night, or better known as running night at Olivet College, is the beginning of pledge week and culture. This is where students who want to join certain brotherhoods and sisterhoods must go through a two-week test in order join. The test is mental, physical and...

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Animals of the Bio Department

The Bio department at Olivet college is important to the man science students attending OC. Students may smell an odor like that of a zoo. Leah Knapp’s office, is known to many students as the wildlife office or animal office. Leah Knapp's office contains many animals...

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MLK lecture symposium

It was more like a Martin Luther King week at Olivet College. We had an MLK Lecture symposium at OC. With guest speaker attorney Jerome Reide of NAACP national office. The theme was Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., a social justice advocate. At this lecture and...

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Taahir Muhammad

Hey there my name is Taahir Muhammad…Waddup Olivet?! I’m here to show you what happens at Olivet and why I made it a home away from home. I am an out of state student from New Jersey who transferred to Olivet in fall of 2015 for boxing and to major in environmental science. I am Involved in the OC college boxing team, a graduate of President leadership institute, a brother in Alpha Xi Omega, a resident advisor on campus, a mentor on campus and one of the best amateur boxers in Michigan. By becoming more involved on campus I’ve met wonderful students apart of other Greek societies on campus, students who are out of state like me and even students who are from out of the country, students who are new and finding themselves like I once was, and just a wonderful variety of happy athletic, creative people.

I find that participating in activities on campus ensures that I am making the most of my time here, which allows me to stand out at Olivet and be the student leader I need to be. Being involved on and off campus leads you towards making those long-lasting friendships and creating a community of your own. Olivet college campus is small which allows you to be more involved than being on a large campus and allowing you to personally shape the campus. Plus you can definitely wake up later as oppose to being at a larger school, we student athletes definitely need are sleep!

I am an upbeat, positive person who would rather lead by example. I make myself approachable even when I’m temporarily isolating myself to prepare for fights and train for the upcoming Olympics. When I’m not in class you can find me at the Elite fraternity house, playing chess, in the gym, running 7 miles across campus, and at on campus student social events.  I enjoy volunteering if I have the time, and almost always I am aiding students with almost anything. I am stoked to join the OC Stories team and start sharing my experiences with all of you!

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